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    Cokesbury is your one-stop destination for Lent and Easter supplies for your church or family. You can find candles and banners for your sanctuary as well as seasonal bulletins and stationery. You know your small group will want a special study for Lent. Cokesbury makes it easy to compare the features and benefits of all your options. Using the "At-a-glace Study Comparison for Lent" chart will lead you to the perfect one.

    Bestselling author Adam Hamilton brings modern eyes to the most important set of ethics in history in Words of Life. He considers the Ten Commandments in their historical context, considering the meaning of each commandment in Hebrew, unpacking how Jesus reinterpreted them, and showing how every thou-shalt-not was intended to point to a life-giving "thou shalt."

    In Mysteries of the Messiah, a six-session video Bible study, Rabbi Jason Sobel uncovers connections between the Old Testament and New Testament that are vital in giving us a complete picture of God's plan for sending Jesus into the world as the Messiah.

    In Seven WordsSusan Robb looks at Christ’s final words from a biblical and historical perspective, showing how we can find life and hope in them. Additional components for this six-week Lenten study include a DVD and a comprehensive Leader Guide.

    In Savior, a six-session study, author Magrey deVega faithfully describes the need for reconciliation between humankind and a holy God through Jesus' death on the cross. By exploring the mystery of salvation through the cross, deVega shows participants how to deepen our love for God and others, achieve a richer understanding of the Christian faith, and strengthen our commitment to follow Jesus.

    Entering the Passion of Jesus, from author, professor, and biblical scholar Amy-Jill Levine, explores the Passion story. Dr. Levine reveals the great stakes at risk for Jesus and those who dared to follow him then. The same stakes for those who dare to be challenged by the story now. A six-week study that is perfect for Lent.

    Discover how you—like Simon Peter— have special gifts, talents, and abilities that God can use to make a difference today. This six-week Bible study by Adam Hamilton is perfect for adult studies. Also offered are corresponding youth and children’s resources making Simon Peter perfect to create a churchwide study.

    Mike Slaughter's Made for a Miracle will help you ready your heart of your miracle. There are two components to every miracle: divine action and human responsibility. Mike Slaughter teaches that we act with God to perform divine work.

    What Makes a Hero? offers us an image of what it looks like to be victorious over trials and temptations. Looking at pop culture heroes and others through the lens of faith, Matt Rawle shows how Jesus turned the concept of hero on its head. This study examines how good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, and overcoming adversity are fundamental to how Christians understand salvation. Heroes help us discern the good, fight for what’s right, define identity, execute justice, spark revolution, and save lives.

    In the small group study The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus, Adam Hamilton retraces the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Fascinating video from his personal travels to the Holy Land gives you a “first-person” experience while his biblical wisdom and historical knowledge provide thoughtful and insightful commentary. For personal or small-group study, especially fitting as part of a 40-day churchwide emphasis during Lent and Easter.

    In John: The Gospel of Light and Life, Adam Hamilton will guide you and your small group to discover this message of light and life available to all. Adults, youth, and children alike can experience a season of spiritual growth and life-changing renewal in this six-week, DVD-series. Everything you need to lead small groups of all ages is available for this special study.

    In 24 Hours that Changed the World, Adam Hamilton guides us, step by step, through the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life in his popular, heartbreaking, and inspiring study. Explore the profound, life-changing impact the last day of Jesus's life had on human history.

    In Restored: Finding Redemption in Our Mess, author Tom Berlin encourages us to reflect and meditate through our own brokenness, showing us that it is only when we focus on the cross as a place to surrender control that we can leave our mess and find true redemption. This 6-week study uses Scripture, devotional tools, and the writings of Ignatius of Loyola, John of the Cross, St. Augustine, John Wesley, Evelyn Underhill, and others, and is a perfect Lenten study for youth or adults. In addition to the book, a Leader Guide, DVD, Youth Study Book, and Leader Kit are available as part of the study.

    In Final Words from the Cross, Adam Hamilton explores these final words as seen and heard through the eyes and ears of those who stood near the cross. Each chapter begins with the biblical account followed by a first-person story as might have been told from the viewpoint of one of the characters at the cross. Then the chapter explores the meaning of Jesus’ dying words for our lives today. Following the last statement, a postscript recounts the words Jesus spoke following his resurrection, including what truly were the final words Jesus spoke while walking this earth. Final Words from the Cross offers six chapters/sessions plus a postscript chapter/session, so that classes have the option of a seventh session on Easter Sunday.

    In the study The Case for Easter, Lee Strobel writes in a hard-hitting journalistic style, The Case for Easter probes the core issues of the resurrection. Jesus Christ, risen from the dead: superstitious myth or life-changing reality? The evidence is in. The verdict is up to you.

    In this four-session Easter study, Why Easter Matters by Andy Stanley looks at some of the people whose lives intersected with Jesus in the weeks leading to his crucifixion. Each of them had an agenda that put them at odds with God and Jesus. As you’ll see, there’s a little bit of them in all of us.

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